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 Carmen Busquets(卡门·布茨克斯)

– Cofounder and Head Curator(作为公司创始人之一/时尚先锋人物)



2011年-2014年间,她成立CoutureLab控股公司,在奢侈品和时尚行业上资助有才华的企业家,先后投资了Moda OperandiThe Business Of FashionLyst等众所周知、权威的世界奢侈品电子商务网站。


卡门·布茨克斯于2011年Industry Bible Luxury Briefing上被授予“杰出个人”奖项。

Tatler杂志的执行主编Annabel Rivkin对卡门的评价:“卡门有着敏锐和长远的投资眼光,是时尚行业的风向标。”




Carmen Busquets is considered an Internet/E-commerce pioneer. She has been in the fashion industry for 23 years, with 15 years of experience as an Internet entrepreneur.

She is the cofounder, investor, and was board director of Net-A-Porter, which is the No.1 international luxury e-commerce website in the world.

During 2011 to 2014,She founded “CoutureLab Holding” to finance talented entrepreneurs in luxury and fashion verticals, and she was invested in Moda Operandi,The Business Of Fashion,Lvst which are well known & authoritative luxury e-commerce websites in the world.

Carmen Busquets is a real ‘International Citizen’. She was born in Venezuela, and currently lives in Switzerland. She spends most of her time travelling between Paris (which is one of her favorite cities), New York, Miami, London. To relax, she especially likes St. Barths…

Carmen Busquets was awarded the “outstanding individual” gong at the industry bible Luxury Briefing in 2011.

“Carmen has an acute sense of timing and is like a weather vane for the fashion business.” — ANNABEL RIVKIN Executive Editor of TATLER

Carmen Busquets is one of the 36 Core People of Fashion in 21th Centry — Fashion Trend Digest

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Ricardo Ferrer-head

Ricardo Ferrer(李家豪)

– Cofounder(公司创始人)




Ricardo arrived in Hong Kong in 1993, and currently lives in Shanghai. He has been managing Chinese teams as an entrepreneur for 19 years.

Since then until 2011 he has been manufacturing garments for medium and Luxury European brands in China. From then on, he proceeded, with Carmen Busquets, to organize the introduction and sales of Luxury Brands in China.

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